These States Are The Least Tax-Friendly For Middle-Class Families

If you’re moving to a different state as a family, it’s essential to know about the state taxes. Especially for middle-class families, some states can be expensive merely due to local taxes. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top 10 states that are less suitable for middle-class households.




6.34% is the average sales tax in Pennsylvania which is better than in other states. However, the high property tax outdoes the low sales tax.


For a home valued at $100K, you’d need to pay $1,358 in taxes annually. The flat income tax is at 3.07%, which is still affordable for average middle-class families.




Michigan is excellent for shopaholics as the average sales tax in the Great Lake State is 6% without additional government taxes. The flat income tax rate of 4.25% is a burden for average middle-class families.


Moreover, some cities impose additional income taxes. The property taxes in Michigan are also on the higher side, with $1,324 payable for every $100K house.




Wisconsin stands eighth in the national property taxes rankings due to expensive rates. For every house worth $300K, homeowners pay $4,530 on average yearly. A 5% sales tax and a maximum 4.65% income tax make Wisconsin somewhat affordable.




The average local sales tax of 6% and reasonable property taxes make Maryland friendly for middle-class families. For every home worth $100K, homeowners pay $987 in property taxes yearly. However, the income tax is high for middle-class workers, ranging from 2% to 5.75%.




It might be shocking to see the Sunflower State on the list. Its high sales tax of 8.71% makes it one of the least friendly states for middle-class families. In 2023, Kansas will gradually phase out the sales tax on groceries which might be a fruitful step.


In Kansas, property and income taxes aren’t too friendly. With a range of 0.125% to 2.25% income tax, the value remains high for average earners. Moreover, for every home purchased valued at $300K, homeowners must pay over $1300 yearly.


New York


You may have guessed New York to be on the list. However, the amount of payable taxes will shock you. The income tax is bearable for New Yorkers, starting from 4%.


At 8.52% sales tax, New York is a costly state. Furthermore, the property taxes outdo all other taxes with $1,620 annually payable for a home worth $100K.




Iowa plans to impose a flat income tax of 3.9% by 2026. However, the current rates are higher than average. Moreover, for every house worth $100K, homeowners must pay $1,501 annually. The average sales tax is 6.94% which is relatively affordable.


New Jersey


The income tax and sales tax are reasonable in the Garden State. However, property taxes offset all the advantages.


For every home valued at $100K, New Jersey homeowners must pay a whopping amount of $2,257 yearly. New Jersey ranks at the top of the property taxes list nationwide.




The income tax and sales tax in the Constitution State are somewhat reasonable. The 6.35% can increase to 7.75% for luxury purchases. The real estate tax is at the high end, with a $1,957 annual payment on every $100K home.




With a flat rate income tax at 4.95% and 8.73% sales tax, Illinois is expensive for an average middle-class family. However, property taxes are also quite exorbitant, with over $2,000 annually payable for every $100K home.


Final Thoughts


For an average middle-class family, these ten states are expensive. While upper-middle-class families might be able to afford a living, average families will usually struggle in these states. If you’re moving to one of these states, reconsider your options.