Life Hacks To Save Gas

Gas prices have been rising steadily over the past few months. Due to the turmoil in Ukraine and ensuring embargoes on oil-producing Russia, gas will become even more expensive. We reveal some money-saving gas hacks with these tips that just might work.


Take it Easy


If you like to step on it, then you might be wasting gas. Moving at speeds in excess of 50 mph may hurt your gas mileage.


So what exactly is the optimal speed for saving gas? To be sure, it’s different for all vehicles. But for most vehicles, gas mileage takes a hit when speed exceeds 50 mph. The need for speed is not good for your safety, nor is it good for your wallet.


Don’t Haul Heavy Loads


This one should make sense instantly. If you carry lighter loads, then your vehicle will burn less fuel and thus have better mileage. Lighter loads mean less fuel consumption, while higher fuel loads mean the contrary simple enough. Please avoid packing cargo on the roof, for this impacts the aerodynamic profile of your vehicle.


No Idling


When we stop at traffic lights or wait for someone else to arrive, then the ensuing engine idle burns fuel for nothing. The extra fuel consumed by engine idling can add up fast. So whenever possible, shut off the engine when you know that your vehicle will have to remain in place for a while.


Better Maintenance


A regularly-maintained vehicle is bound to be more fuel-efficient. So do follow the maintenance schedule. Complete check-ups and oil changes on time. Tires should be rotated after around 5,000 miles. Also, follow the manual on optimal tire pressure.


Don’t Slam The Brakes


Come to a halt gradually instead of breaking to an abrupt stop. Slamming the brakes is scary since it can lead to a crash. But did you know that it can also impact gas mileage?


Yes, decelerating and accelerating too quickly is not good for fuel economy. They can also cause problems like wearing out the tires and affecting engine performance.


Use Gas Apps


Smart apps like Gas Guru and Gas Buddy can help you to find the cheapest fuel around. Not only will you be getting the most affordable gas deals, but you will also be getting premium-grade fuel. This is imperative for keeping your vehicle in good running order.


We have apps for just about everything you can possibly imagine. So why not install a great fuel-saving app to bring down fuel costs and extend the engine life?


Bottom Line


Mentioned above are gas-saving tips that don’t defy the laws of physics nor common sense, for that matter. With so many myths out there on the internet, it has never been this vital to separate fact from fiction.