Save Money With An Affordable Phone Plan

Phone plans can be costly that can have you considering whether it’s time for a change that will help save money and provide a better service plan. There are a couple of questions to determine whether switching to a new phone plan will be the best option for you:


  • How to shop for a new wireless plan so that you can save a lot of cash while enjoying great service?

  • Which plan will serve you and your loved ones best depends on your phone and data needs?


The amount of savings that customers can realize with the right plan is much bigger than what most think. Savings for a family of 4 can be in the order of several hundreds of dollars each year with a well-chosen plan.


To stem the torrent of customers towards competitors, the biggest companies are giving away free phones and lines. They are also partnering with leading media and entertainment companies like Netflix, HBO Max, and others so that you can get the best deals when subscribing to them.


Verizon and AT&T


To retain customers, Verizon and AT&T are practically giving away phones for free. For example, AT&T offers an iPhone 13 via eligible trade-ins to existing as well as new customers. Verizon is also offering a similar deal – customers who want a new line can trade in their device (provided it is operational) and get a discount of $1,000 on the iPhone 13 Pro.


To help with these attractive deals, you will need to subscribe to their unlimited data plans. You will also have to stay with your carrier for two years at least before you can switch. During this time, promo credits will be applied to your bill each month. If you decide to switch carriers, you must first pay the remaining balance in full. AT&T customers who subscribe to the Unlimited Elite plan can stream HBO Max free of charge.




T-Mobile is also offering lucrative deals to new and existing customers. Hence, these customers can subscribe to an unlimited plan to get a free third line. But remember that during this time, you will receive bill credits after you apply for an unlimited data plan. If you stream your movies and shows instead of paying for cable TV, you can save money by signing up with a carrier that pays either partially or fully for such services. Hence, with the Verizon iPhone 13 Pro deal, you can enjoy a year’s worth of AMC+. This depends on the unlimited data plan that you have selected.


T-Mobile has the Magenta plan, for which you get to watch Apple TV+ for free for up to a year. This plan also gives you a free Netflix basic account – this means that only one screen sees a show at any time. You can upgrade to 4 screens simply by paying just $9 extra each month.


Bottom Line


You can shop for a new wireless plan by taking advantage of the intense competition that exists in the market. Hence, you can sign up for the most lucrative deal that best serves your needs.