The Best Quick And Affordable Meal Delivery Service

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

Meal delivery services can be a great option for many people. They are useful if you are trying to eat healthier. They are useful if you do not have enough time to cook. They can even be useful if you are trying to cut back on eating meals out. However, they aren’t necessarily always the cheapest in comparison to the cost of your cooked meals. If you are in a situation where you want to use a meal delivery service, here are a few of the most affordable.


Freshly offers fully prepared single meals for as low as $8.49 a meal. While this may not seem extraordinarily cheap, you are getting a great value with Freshly when you consider the fact that everything is done for you. There are other options where everything is cooked, but you won’t find many for this low of a price. 


Every Plate is a great option at just $4.99 a meal. Unlike Freshly, you will have to prepare your meal with their ingredients, but it is not difficult at all as Every Plate will send you detailed instructions of each recipe and how to make them. Every Plate is also excellent in that it offers a variety of options that can fit a variety of diet plans. You can customize these plans to get the exact diet you are looking for. 


If you are looking for a meal delivery service that covers your entire family, Dinnerly may just be the one. At $5.59 a meal, the service offers two-person and family boxes with a variety of meal options that change weekly. This is great for people who have to accommodate multiple people, as Dinnerly is sure to have some great options to cover everyone's satisfaction every week. 


With meals starting at $8.99 that are either fully or mostly prepared, HomeChef is a great option. HomeChef is similar to Freshly, but it does not have the same focus on single meals and rather will send family dishes that can serve multiple people at a time. Of all of the options on this list, HomeChef likely boasts the most impressive recipe options in addition to some great dessert options.