How You Can Cut Your Electricity Bill In 2021

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

For most homeowners in the U.S, the electricity bill is the second-largest expense after a mortgage. Cutting down electricity bill is not only good for the environment, but it also helps in sticking to a monthly budget. The average electricity bill in the United States was $119 in 2016.
There are two ways to reduce electricity bills:
Electricity conservation: When using electricity in a conservative way, you decrease unnecessary electricity consumption by switching off lights and other electric appliances when they are not in use.
Electricity efficiency: When being efficient, you will invest wisely in energy-consuming appliances and choose cost-effective products over cheap appliances that consume a lot of electricity.

In this blog post, we will discuss 5 ways to cut down electricity bill and save money. So keep reading to become energy conservative and efficient at the same time. 

5 Ways To Reduce Electricity Consumption

Saving energy protects the environment and your pocket. So, follow these guides to save money and stop paying high electricity bills. 


Audit Your Energy Consumptions

You don't need to be an account to audit your energy consumption. Just notice your habit and make changes to it accordingly. If you leave the light on at night, start making a habit of turning it off. If your laptop is on charge throughout the day, start removing its charging and utilizing its battery more often. 

Start Line Drying

Dryers are energy hogs, and you can expect a staggering electricity bill at the end of the month. Use your dryers only when you don’t have the strength to line dry your laundry. Moreover, you can even use dryers once or twice a week. This will save substantial money and conserve electricity. 

Add More Items To You're Fridge

This might sound crazy, but it’s true. The more products you have in your fridge, the less energy will be consumed. This is because food and drinks in the fridge act as insulators and keep other items cool by sharing temperature. 

Clean Your Fridge Coils

Dust and smudge on the fridge coil make it hard for the cooling engine to produce low temperatures. Your fridge compensates for this loss of energy by utilizing more electricity. You can save a lot of electricity by cleaning your fridge coils so that it requires less power to keep things cool inside. 

Wash And Dry Dished By Hand

Contrary to popular belief, dryers and dishwashers use a lot more electricity than you think. This is because of energy conversion. Any appliance that converts electricity into any other form of energy uses more electricity.  

Ending Note

Decreasing electricity consumption can cut down your electricity bill by half. Beware of appliances like AC, Fan, Fridge, Iron, and other devices that convert electricity. These devices consume a lot of electricity, and they contribute around 30% of your electric bill. To have a balanced monthly budget without any surprises, be energy efficient and conservative at the same time.