Trending Items Worth Reselling

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

There are many things people would love to buy but at lower prices. With the decrease in wages due to COVID19, many American’s have had to lower their spending. However, our desires are still fueled, and we need to buy everything shiny and expensive. If you are addicted to shopping, you can put itto good use. Start buying things that are worth reselling, and you might make a profit out of them. Here are some of the best items to buy for reselling. 

1. Shoes

Men and women both love shoes, and when you have designer kicks in your closet, it’s time to make a profit. Vintage shoes are sold at a higher price than what the market offers because of their rarity. There are diehard fans of Gucci, Air Jordan, and Uggs. Putting these shoes on sale or selling them at a pawn shop might be profitable 

2. Video Games and Consoles

American’s are fond of gaming, and you can find a console or a gaming PC in 1 out of 5 houses. However, the older generation was more interested in gaming than the new one. Therefore, vintage games from the 70s,80s, and even 90s are sold at a remarkable profit. If you have an Atari, NINTENDO, or NES, you can sell it at a pawn shop or to a collector at jaw-dropping prices. 

3. Pokémon Cards

Pokémon is the most successful anime series of all time. Its fans are spread around the words, and Pokémon cards are a must-have for diehard fans. If you have a stack of Charizards or Mewtwo, you can sell them for more than what you paid for. Pokémon cards are even sold at pawn shops, so get a quote before throwing them in the trash. 

4. Collectible Toys

Men never grow up; they just start taking responsibilities. This is why collectable toys are a huge market in America. Sift through flea markets and garage sales to find collectible toys such as those from American Girl, Transformers, and Star Wars. You will be surprised how much a collector will be willing to pay. 

5. Books

Some of the rarest books in the world have been sold at jaw-dropping prices. Many people are willing to pay exceptional money for their favorite book. If you are looking to make a less risky investment, books can be a good item to resell. 

Wrapping It Up

The collector’s market and pawn shops are ready to buy rare items off your hands. If you have a collection of toys, shoes, or Pokémon cards, don’t throw them away. Scrub them clean and get a quote from a pawnshop. You might get lucky and make exceptional money from reselling items.