Running A Crafty Side Hustle With A Cricut

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

The latest crafting craze is the household die-cutting crafting machine Cricut that can be used for an endless array of craft projects that are fun but can make you some money. Many Cricut owners are taking advantage of their Cricut machine to make crafts of all kinds that can be sold as a side hustle.

Cricut machines are used for cutting precision pieces for craft projects using a large variety of materials including vinyl, adhesive foil, iron-on, paper, fabrics, fibers, wood, craft foam, leather, window cling, aluminum, and more. The materials that can be used is a very long list but the list of items you can create using a Cricut is truly unlimited. 

For beginners, selling vinyl adhesive stickers are simple to make and easy to sell. Crafters can make more on the side hustle offering customized names or designs with a variety of colors to choose from.

Vinyl stickers are easy to sell with minimal shipping costs and you can create variety using an array of designs. Another easy way to sell vinyl stickers is by offering labels that are easy and can be used by any customer.

You can also use vinyl stickers to create simple projects to sell for more including custom signs, drink tumblers, coffee mugs, and paper products like cards. Vinyl stickers are great crafting materials that can also be used in scrapbooks or photo books.

Using iron-on material can be used on nearly any fabric for home décor, clothing, and accessories. One of the most cost-efficient iron-on crafts is finding some nice, discounted items such as kitchen or clothing accessories from your local discount store that you can add an iron-on and flip as a custom craft item.

If you’re super crafty and can sew, you can create your own products that can be more cost-effective while using Cricut iron-on pieces to complete your crafting masterpiece. This can be done with simple sewing projects such as a tote shopping bag, face mask, blankets, potholders, towels, pillows, and more.

You can make more money and draw more customers by offering personalized iron-on pieces crafts with an assortment of fonts, colors, and styles. Customers can choose from certain items and how they would like to customize them that they’re willing to pay more for.

Crafters can also create jewelry using Cricut that can cut intricate designs into pieces of leather that can be worn on a necklace or earrings. You can also create keychains that are a low-cost product to make that you can mark up with minimal shipping fees for smaller objects. 

These are some micro tasks that can be completed online for some extra cash, and you can research more micro task websites to earn more money during your free time. Keep in mind that the payout for one task might be small but multiple tasks can add up to a bigger payday.