HBO Max Slashes Subscription Prices

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

Over the last year, our idea of entertainment has drastically changed with many people turning to streaming services as their primary form of entertainment, with theaters closed in response to the global pandemic. In the beginning, there were a couple of successful streaming apps, but more entertainment companies have entered the over-the-top (OTT) industry forming more competitive streaming apps for consumers to choose from. 

The HBO network jumped at the opportunity to provide consumers with entertainment through the HBO Max streaming app for access to original HBO series and movies. The parent company of HBO Max, AT&T, has decided to ramp up the competition, offering a limited-time discount for their subscription. This move was prompted to lure back an estimated 5 million subscribers they lost after dropping out of the Amazon Prime Video channels that are offered by other entertainment companies such as STARZ, Showtime, Paramount+, and more. 

This development comes days after the owners of AT&T and Warner Media, stopped offering the HBO channel on Prime Video with the goal of forming a direct relationship with subscribers. In July, AT&T estimated the global number of HBO Max subscribers will reach 70-73 million by the end of 2021 compared to the previous estimates of 67-70 million. 

AT&T is also working on a deal to acquire content from the Discovery Channel to feature on HBO Max all the while focusing on their primary business including internet and phone services. HBO Max will also be expanding the user availability in six European countries by October 26 and is working on adding 14 more territories in 2022. 

HBO Max charged $14.99 for a monthly subscription and now offers access to their streaming platform for less than Amazon Prime's monthly subscription fee of $8.99. HBO Max will be offered at its lowest price at $7.49 for a monthly subscription limited for six months. This offer is for users who streamed HBO through Prime channels and returning HBO Max subscribers that will be available until September 26.