Fund Your New Wardrobe With Your Old Clothes

Post By: Admin / USA Frugal Club

Want to update your wardrobe but don’t have much room in your budget? You can use your old clothes to fund new clothes for a fresh wardrobe. 

There is a couple of ways to transform your previous treasures into some extra cash and in some cases, discounts for buying new clothes. You can utilize your old unwanted clothes to sell, trade, or donate that will go towards funding your new and improved wardrobe. 

You can sell your old clothes in good condition online using eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Mercari, and other online selling/trading websites. Most of these websites offer a variety of means to sell, trade, or barter that can be shipped or picked up in person. 

A more traditional route of selling clothes is hosting a yard sale or setting up a small vendor table at your local flea market. This is a great option if you’re wanting to declutter and sell more things than clothing that you can sell sooner rather than later compared to online options. 

An easy option is to consider consigning or selling your clothes to a thrift store such as Plato’s Closet with sellers simply dropping off their old clothes, allow for the staff to choose the items they will betaking and will offer payment in cash or trade for items in the store. Plato’s Closet tends to take gently worn items from popular designers but sometimes they offer an additional discount on their products. 

Plato’s Closet is known for featuring more modern clothes, but they also have other stores within their franchise that offer certain products using the similar buying, selling, or trading model catering to different categories. Each of these stores varies by state with locations across America and some offer to buy online. 

•             Play It Again Sports – used sports equipment and gear.
•             Once Upon A Child – used baby or children clothes and accessories.
•             Style Encore – gently used designer clothes and accessories.
•             Music GoRound – the world’s largest musical instrument resale franchise. 

There might be some clothes that you’re unable to sell but some stores take donations that will be traded for a discount depending on the store you’re shopping in. H&M has a donation program where shoppers can donate any old clothes and gets 15% off vouchers for future purchases. 

The traditional American denim store Levi’s offers customers 20% off a single item when customers donate any denim items from any brand. Founded in 2013, & Other Stories from the H&M company offers an in-store recycling program for discounts on future purchases, they also accept empty lip gloss tubes. 

Madewell offers a denim recycling program where customers can trade in their old jeans in exchange for a $20 discount on their next denim purchase. The popular outdoors attire company The North Face features a recycling clothing and shoe donation program where customers can get a voucher for $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. The store Patagonia accepts trade-ins for their older clothes, giving customers credit to use on either the WornWear or Patagonia website, with some returns amounting to a $40 discount.