The Best Secret Steals For Deals At T.J. Maxx 

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The discount store T.J. Maxx features every product imaginable at a lower price compared to other stores but if you want to truly score some awesome deals, you’ll need to know some tips and tricks. Some lucky shoppers know how to score some awesome products at a discount but if you have patience, you can score products discounted up to 90% off.   

You might be familiar with using a “Find Location” feature to see which stores are close to your area, but some stores have special designations for being just a regular T.J. Maxx with one of the best stores designated as “The Runway” locations. T.J. Maxx stores that are designated under “The Runway” offer some of the best deals for high-end designer brands compared to regular locations and these locations tend to feature the best merchandise. You can find a T.J. Maxx location affiliated with “The Runway” by searching under the location finder and you’ll see a small “R” circle icon next to the location city.   

Some T.J. Maxx locations also feature a Home Goods store section for great home décor pieces at an awesome discount. All the retail chains including T.J. Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshalls are all sister companies under the TJX company which is why they have similar pricing and store models. These stores can maintain lower prices as TJX buys items in bulk at auctions from higher-end stores.   

Shopping at these stores, the price tags will feature a ‘compare at’ price value above their store price that seems like a bargain but sometimes these tags can play tricks. One way to truly price check items is using the Google Lens app that uses your camera to scan the product or barcode and you’ll see results online of how much the product is worth compared to other retailers.   

T.J. Maxx is unique in the stock inventory as these stores replenish and put out new items five times a week which is hard for the competition to beat. This also makes every trip to these stores unique because you’ll never know what discounted treasures, you’ll be able to find the best time to shop between 12-7 p.m. since most of the new inventory will be on the display by then.    

If the prices aren’t already low enough, you’ll be shocked at the additional discounts for certain items as each item is discounted 20% with a red tag once a month. Another sale deal is products with yellow tags that are marked down twice per year typically in January and August, items can be discounted with a yellow tag multiple times. Stores tend to add more yellow tags every couple of weeks to entice buyers with lower prices until the item is finally sold.   

Another way to determine how many times an item has been marked down is by looking at the white tag with a number featured in a square within a two-year cycle numbered 1 to 24 (representing the product's age by months) for two consecutive calendar years. Items with a higher number in the box are more likely to be marked down as they have been on the shelf for a longer time.   

On rare occasions, you might find a blue tag that indicates the product is a part of a set that you might have to match yourself with other items in a common area (mostly for home goods). The stores known for the best finds at T.J. Maxx are designer jeans, leggings, and purses compared to Marshall’s has the best discounts for shoes. Most handbags are marked down 50% but if you get lucky and find something you like with a red tag, you’ll get an additional discount on the product.   

If you don’t have time to browse for the best deals here are some of the best-discounted items to find at T.J. Maxx:  

  • - Designer Sunglasses – all average $10 price. 
  • - Beauty Products – there are a ton of beauty products to choose from, but the best deal is designer perfumes (make sure to check the expiration date).  
  • - Organization – the bigger bins offer the best deals. 
  • - Home Décor and Art – one of the best décor deals is wall calendars to keep your schedule organized with a cute décor piece for any room of the home and they feature a variety of art pieces.  
  • - Bath Supplies – T.J. Maxx offers great deals on organization units, and they have great prices on towels year-round.  
  • - Travel Mugs and Water Bottles – these are great essential items at affordable prices with a variety of sizes and colors.  
  • - Candles - T.J. Maxx offers some of the biggest candles that cost less than smaller candles compared to competitors, but they also offer smaller candles as well.  
  • - Pet Supplies – Yes that’s right, T.J. Maxx truly has everything for everyone including discounted pet supplies including treats, toys, beds, grooming supplies, and more.  
  • - Gift Basket Goodies – if you’re looking at doing a gift basket you can find everything you need from T.J. Maxx with some gourmet treats and cute trinkets (be sure to check expiration dates).  
  • - Technology Accessories - T.J. Maxx offers some of the most affordable tech accessories including phone cases, earbuds, headphones, charging cables, and more.   

If you don't have a T.J. Maxx location near you, they have a website with some awesome deals that can be delivered to your home. Remember these tips for your next shopping trip and best of luck finding some awesome deals.